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Long-Term Vision and Medium-Term Management Plan

Long-Term Vision“Plan for ¥300 Billion in Sales with 180 Stores in the Setouchi Market Area”

We aim to achieve operating revenue of ¥300 billion with 180 stores opened in the market areas (six prefectures in the Chugoku, Shikoku and Kinki regions) on the Setouchi coast.

The total annual demand for groceries in those market areas is approximately ¥2 trillion, and the targeted ¥300 billion accounts for approximately 14% of this total.
We will proactively open new stores and systematically refurbish existing stores.

Medium-Term Management Plan“Plan for ¥150 Billion with 100 Stores by FY2021”

We plan to build a system where 100 stores are operating in our market area and achieve operating revenue of ¥150 billion by FY2021.

We are making “dominant store openings” in which store openings are made in particular regions in a concentrated manner, the purpose of which is to provide customers in the region with a convenient place to shop that is located close to where they live.

In addition, we believe that the benefit of reducing distribution and management costs, attained by locating a distribution center and the Headquarters in Hayashima-cho, Tsukubo-gun, Okayama, which is in the center of our market areas, is also significant.

We will work to sell better products to customers at lower prices by striving to increase our share in the market areas and conducting low cost business management.

We are committed to making concerted efforts through all employees to first create local store chains in the market areas and then integrate them into a larger regional chain.