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24-Hour Operation

Stores Where You Can Shop Any Time You Want

All our stores are open 24 hours a day, all year round. We believe that allowing customers to shop any time they want is the ultimate service we can offer to accommodate the diversified lifestyles of all our customers. We are looking forward to serving you with an abundant assortment of products only available at food supermarkets along with our earnest customer service.

Creation of Neighborhood Shopping Centers (NSCs)

Attractive Shopping Areas

With Halows open 24 hours at the core, we create a shopping complex jointly with stores of other sectors to which our customers visit at similar frequency and that could help increase customer convenience. The heightened convenience allows us to provide attractive shopping areas. We are committed to working on creating NSCs with strong competitiveness by selecting attractive stores that meet the needs of the times.

Private Brand Products“Halows Selection”

Offering Safe and Reliable Products

Halows Selection is a private brand (PB) that offers true value of high quality and low prices. Upholding “safety,” “reliability” and “health” as our concept, we procure and develop products from the best sources both inside and outside of Japan to provide customers with products of proper quality at reasonable prices.

Distribution Centers

Better Products at Lower Prices

We operate in-house distribution centers in order to make our 24-hour operation possible. We stably supply our stores with the necessary quantity of products when and as needed, thereby supporting customers’ everyday lives. In addition, the costs of intermediary distribution are eliminated by performing the distribution operations ourselves at the distribution centers, and the costs of distribution are reduced by consolidating the distribution functions at the center of the market area. As part of our efforts to counter environmental issues, the ECO Center established in the same locations take part of the responsibility for recycling PET bottles, food trays, cans and milk cartons collected at each store with the cooperation of our customers.