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Strategy of Store Development
To become the regional supermarket chain with the competitive edge we ought to keep the dominant store openings.


Market scale on Setouchi Coastal Region

The food market scale of the whole of Chugoku-Shikoku region and Hyogo Pref. is estimated at JP\6,000 billion. We reckon that the market scale of the coastal area to be JP\3,960 billion, which makes up 80 % of the total amount of the Pref. of Hiroshima, Okayama, Hyogo,Yamaguchi, Kagawa and Ehime: JP\ 4,950 billion

ハ ローズの出店戦略の重要なポイントは一定の地域(商勢圏)にドミナント出店をし、市場占拠率NO.1のローカルチェーンをつくりあげ、次の商勢圏にドミナ ント出店を行うという点にあります。市場占拠率NO.1のローカルチェーンづくりから、複数のローカルチェーンによるリージョナルチェーンを目指していま す。
Establishing Regional Chain Store
As for establishing new stores, the key strategy is to take up new local chain stores in a certain area and achieve the top share, and then set up new stores in the next market area. We will establish regional chain store which consists of top share holding local chains in the dominant market areas.





NSC (Neighbourhood Shopping Center)
Creating shopping complex closer to consumer life style is our target to put a drug store, a laundry shop, a DPE shop, a flower shop and a video rental shop together in the shopping estate with the same shopping frequencies coming to our stores, which is so-called NSC.
Structure of Store Development
We have two main types of the store operation:
a) 1,500 m*2 sized 24 hours operation store
b) 2,000 m*2 sized 24 hours operation store
The main type of operation from now on to be
2,000m*2-2,500 m*2 sized 24 hours operating stores.


NSC developing scheme

To alter the scheme developing NSC from premises-rent to property-rent will reduce our investment cost which enables us to sell our merchandise more competitively.