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Strategy of Marchandise
Our mission is to respond quickly and exactly to the market needs which constantly change and to provide merchandises with lower prices to satisfy our customers.
Customers life-style changes dramatically as the social environment does.We,Halows,keep changing, either, our services for the customers, as we recognize the customer needs precisely along with the change oflife environment and its style.


Fresh Foods to Pursuit “Safe”“Ease”“Health”

It is overwhelmingly emphasized that marketing mercandises of safe, ease and health is the most important while taking into account all aspects of the customer’s needs. We are committed to serve our customers as a supermarket contributing to the area with our foods culture.



EDLP(Every Day Low Price)

“High quality & Low Price” is the theme forever to the most of retailers of which the principal policy can be come true by ourselves to offer the most valuable merchandises at low price without neglecting quality.



Home Meal Replacement

As the number of nuclear family and working mother increases, on the other hand the birthrate decrease, our lifestyle has been dramatically changing and we are prepared to serve more our customers in terms of developing new merchandises applying HMR needs.



Wide Ranges of Merchandise

What merchandises to be focused on is our basic strategy as well. Top items with fast movement are given priority as far as shelf space concerns in comparison with our competitive stores. Thus our customers get more ranges of merchandise than any other stores.



Halows Selection(Private Brand)

A basic concept of Halows Selection has the following functions, appropriate quality, lower price and safe-ease-health function. The best sources have been searched anywhere on the globe.

Halows Canola Oil 915g(made in Canada) is the best seller among all other brands in terms of total sales and gross profit although it has been recently introduced to our stores.