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Strategy of Organization and Education
Manpower is the Key to the Retail Business Success
The best performed organization is that the company realizes all tasks as they wish and the all staffs visualize their life styles as the organization grows. Therefore, Halows considers that one of the prime strategies is to stress upon organization and education.

教育=共育 それは先輩社員と後輩社員が共に育つ教育体系であり、次代を担う人材を育成します。ハローズは、新入社員から幹部社員にいたるまでの階層別研修やチェッカーコンテストの実施等、充実した教育システムを整えています。

Education system(training and discipline)

What Halows intend to do about education is to bring up together. Senior and junior staffs are mingled togeth-er to be trained and they stimulate each other to become business person to support the company at the next stage. Halows has fine educational arrangements, such as checker contest and total immersion course, from fresh-person to executives as the hierarchy goes. The company expects management persons to control by themselves and enhance their management ability. Halows has been trying to be the number one Japan on the management team as far as quality goes.