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Strategy of Types of Operation and Store Development
With the concept of creating “Clean and luminous”and“Stress-free”stores,we aim to be the No.1 in our home region.
ハローズは、「清潔で明るい店内」「高い天井」「広い通路幅」でストレスを感じさせない店舗づくりを心掛けています。また、「入りやすい、停めやすい、出や すい」駐車場づくり、買い物カートを駐車場に置いたまま帰られる等、お客様の利便性を考慮した、常に他社をリードする店舗づくりを心掛けています。
The Architecture of our stores is aimed at producing pleasant atmosphere. Our key words are the stainless cleanliness and sunshine brightness of the stores, extremely high ceilings and wide spacious aisles to make our customer feel no stresses at all in our stores. Also the most attention pays to reserve spacious parking areas so that it is no worry about coming in and easy parking and going-out. Our shopping carts are at their disposal anywhere to leave the carts as our customers wish. As the above said, our newest stores are led to the others.


24 Hours Operation

Our stores are open everyday 24 hours. Don't rush to our stores without worrying holidays and business time.



Extremely High Ceilings(5m) and Wide Spacious Aisles

The front of our stores is all made of clean-cut glasses and the ceilings are 5 m high which looks more spacious than actual one. The aisles are wide enough to enjoy shopping pleasantly. The simple layouts and high ceilings make your shopping more comfortable way.



Easy to Park

We have more than one parking spot per 10 square meter of our shopping selling space. For example, there will be purposely more than 150 parking per 1,500 square meters and 200 parking per 2,000 square meters.



Easy Access- in and out

Our store locations are paid attention for cars to be easy in and out, namely easy coming-in, pulling-out and going-out, therefore to be close to the crossings between main routes while expecting future extention.