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Board of Directors, Corporate Auditors and Executive Officers
Board of Directors, Corporate Auditors and Executive Officers (As of May 25,2017)
President and Representative Director,Chief Executive Officer Toshiyuki Sato
Executive Vice President Taishi Sato
Senior Managing Director Syunji Oda
Senior Managing Director Hironori Kojima
Senior Managing Director Kimikazu Kamei
Executive Managing Director Hidenori Hanaoka
Executive Managing Director Masana Takahashi
Director Tomiko Koshio
Director Kenji Suemitsu
Director Yoshinori Fujii
Director Chiaki Ikeda
Corporate Auditor(Senior) Hitoshi Okamoto
Corporate Auditor Yasukuni Inafuku
Corporate Auditor Akinori Matsumoto
Corporate Auditor Masakazu Kobayashi
Executive Officer Shigeki Hanaoka
Executive Officer Yoshiaki Tahara
Executive Officer Katsuhiro Hashimoto
Executive Officer Kenji Sunada